That Frogger TV show you wanted is finally becoming a reality


Hop to it

Konami’s 1981 classic Frogger is getting set to return to the small screen in the form of a brand new TV game show, which will adapt the hazardous single-screen adventure into a competition-style obstacle, not dissimilar to Ninja Warrior or Takeshi’s Castle.

As reported by Deadline, Frogger will be developed by Eureka Productions as content for NBCUniversal’s (NBCU) recently launched “Peacock” network. An initial series of 13 episodes will see contestants test their speed and wits against 12 “crossings,” all of which will feature “dodging traffic,” “snapping gators,” and “hungry hippos” – and Lord knows that I’m hoping that’s literal. Frogger will be filmed in Australia, so you can add intense heat and massive spiders to the mix.

Of course, it would be hugely remiss of me not to bring up the famous 1998 episode of NBC’s own SeinfeldThe Frogger,” which saw George Costanza attempt to transport a classic Frogger cabinet through busy traffic, complete with original arcade sound effects.

As the new TV ratings war – brought about by new subscription services desperate for content – begins to heat up, it will be interesting to see how many studio execs start throwing out further ideas for TV shows based on classic gaming franchises. Let’s go, Zelda.

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