That Greninja amiibo went up for pre-order last night for around 15 minutes, and sold out


Toys”R”Us exclusive

Yesterday theGreninja amiibo was discovered to be a Toys”R”Us exclusive, and customer service confirmed to multiple websites that it would go on sale on their website from “7-9 AM EST” this morning. But because nothing in life works out how you want it to, especially amiibo, it went up in the dead of night around 3AM EST and immediately sold out.

If you want one, you can try to go into your local brick and mortar location and pre-order it in-store as it opens. That’s pretty much all you can do at this point while we wait for another round to potentially pop-up.

At least you could order for around 15 minutes, as Jigglypuff sold out in a fraction of that time.