That Magic: The Gathering Diablo style dungeon crawler is getting a Necromancer class


Best class? Best class

Although many fantasy universes have Necromancers, Magic: The Gatheringseems perfectly suited for it.

Black/swamp-based decks have been using graveyard manipulation to their advantage for several decades, and now it’s coming to Magic: Legends. As detailed in their official blog, famed PlaneswalkerLiliana Vess was the inspiration for the fantasy of the design: you’ve probably seen her before in advertisements for Magiceven if you don’t play.

All of the goodies that you’d expect from a Necromancer are in: reanimation, debuffs, life leech, the whole shebang. The developers confirmed that your main attack is going to be Grim Siphon, a “mid-range lashing attack” that also applies a DoT (damage-over-time) effect by default. In other words, the Necromancer seems like a more strategically based character that will need to spread out how it applies its damage so it can get as much life-leech as possible.

The mechanic of constantly sacrificing creatures to gain health back (or some other benefit) is also extremely Magic: The Gathering, so it’s nice to see them play with the fantasy of the card game.Magic: Legends will be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One…at some point.

Unveiling the Necromancer [Arc]