That Mega Man pachinko machine actually has a story


Rockman Ability universe coming to consoles?

The Mega Manpachinko machine, Rockman Ability, arrived in Japan last year and it’s been the talk of the town, as it’s one of the first complete overhauls of the Mega Manaesthetic in years.

As a reminder Ability includes new designs forDr. WilyandDr. Light, as well as the main team of Mega Man, Proto Man, and Roll. There’s even new Robot Masters like Coin Man: this is a legitMega Manuniverse expansion and goes above and beyond the normal efforts of videogame pachinko adaptations. The thing is, footage is typically loud and unclear as most people are capturing it on location; until now, that is.

Thankfully, given Rockman Corner’s amazing pull in the Mega Mancommunity, we now have a chance to look at the machine’s intricacies unfettered by the normal distractions of a pachinko parlor. A reader who goes by the username Genzi actually bought a unit, allowing for a clearer glimpse into this new universe.

Through their channel you can walk through the entire opening cutscene, all 10 story stages, and even the ending (which is surprisingly tense, you can read it here if you don’t intend on playing the game). Full translations will be provided at a later date, but the basic script outline will walk you through everything. If you’re a Mega Manfan it’s worth a quick read.

Again, this is a surprisingly thought-out concept, coming from someone who has seen plenty of anime and game pachinko machines first-hand that just retread on topics touched in the source material.

Genzi [YouTube via Rockman Corner]