That nearly two million dollar Kickstarter for a new GameCube controller was canceled


‘The Panda Controller’

If you backed the Kickstarter for the new GameCube controller, you may want to check your email: it was just canceled entirely.

Earlier this year, the “Panda Controller” Kickstarter came onto the scene, boasting a new GameCube controller that could work on Switch, GameCube, PC, Wii, and Wii U, that was upgraded and customizable. Some of the incredibly ambitious features include additional buttons, custom-length triggers, a tactile/upgraded d-pad, braided cables, expansion packs, and subtle enhancements on the original design while keeping the core intact. It also had “weight pack” add-ons so you could change the actual weight of the controller to suit your comfort level, and had an optional wireless connectivity pack.

Alas, with all of the issues with global distribution (mainly the worldwide semiconductor shortage) and “ongoing rolling blackouts” at their distribution center, it wasn’t meant to be. In an update this week, the creators talk about how while the project was a labor of love for three years, that there is now no way they can make their intended December 2022 delivery date.

The good news? Full refunds are being issued for the project (as they are not being collected), as the creators look for outside investment. Here’s the full statement: “As of today, we’ll be canceling our Kickstarter early with all pledges fully refunded while we pursue outside investment to continue the project internally. We know how disappointing this is for many of you. We can’t thank you enough for the support you’ve given us to help make our dreams a reality.”

The community seems to be supportive, as the team is hopeful that they can still make this project a reality. While it might happen years from now, at the very least people are getting their money back.