That new Mega Man cartoon is coming in 2018 on Cartoon Network


Alongside of Sonic Boom

Cartoon Network has carved out a little niche for videogame flavored material, including the successful (much more so than the game series anyway) Sonic BoomTV series.

They’re taking yet another chance on a classic game franchise too in 2018, as Dentsu Entertainment has announced that the Mega Man cartoon will air on the network. A toyline as well as a global push is happening too, so expect a lot more Mega Man in your life, even if it’s a rendition that you aren’t particularly fond of.

Oh, and that recently leaked trailer? It seems to be the real deal, and Denstu is going to show us more “soon.” It can’t be worse than Ruby Spears, can it?

Mega Man [Denstu Entertainment via Rockman Corner]