That wild new Jeff Minter game Polybius is out today


The stuff of urban legends

Polybius is another hectic arcade shooter from Jeff Minter, albeit one designed with virtual reality in mind, and I’m not so sure I can handle his brand of trance-inducing madness while I’m strapped in. It’s playable on a standard PS4 without PlayStation VR, but that seems like a lesser experience.

If you think you’re up for it either way, the game released earlier today on PlayStation Network. Last we had heard, Polybius was “nearly done,” and now here it is, ready and waiting. It’s priced at $15.49, with one early-impressions post from reddit user shimbo00 describing it as follows:

“Mix Tempest with Tron. Add some Death Star trench run. A sprinkle of Mario Kart. A dash of Space Invaders. Throw in some cool music and retro sound effects. Add a touch of psychedelic drugs. That is what Polybius is like. When a game makes you say WTF under your breath while playing, it’s a wonderful thing.”

The screenshots might as well be indecipherable, so to get at least some sense of what this thing looks like, here’s a trailer from last year. It’s a Minter production all right.

And because I’m contractually obligated to also mention Polybius was an old urban legend (which this new game has leveraged for publicity), here’s some further reading.

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