The Aladdin compilation studio worked with the original team to include new content, still won't have Aladdin SNES


I hope more people do this going forward

Disney games used to have a reputation: a good one! There were so many classics, and for a time, you could actually counton licensed games to be of at least average or above quality. Hell, even Toy Story Racerslapped.

The Aladdinand Lion Kinggames are almost in a league of their own for some people, and it looks like they’re going to get their due once again whenNighthawk Interactive and Digital Eclipse unleash theDisney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King on collection October 29. Although it does indeed sport multiple versions of Lion King, the AladdinGenesis port (the better Capcom SNES game is not included) will be the golden goose of the set, as the development duo had access to original team members over atVirgin Games.

Speaking to CNET, Digital Eclipse confirmed that it is making “subtle” changes to improve the original game at the behest of the original team. this includes a better camera, more enemy variations, boss alterations, “improved sword impact,” and new content. This is in addition to the typical modern retro re-release conveniences like a rewind feature and filters.

Digital Eclipse also confirms that sadly the same love and care couldn’t be applied to Lion Kingbecause that team wasn’t as accessible. And that’s fine! The Aladdinsituation is already above and beyond the call of duty, and I sincerely hope more curators of the past are afforded that same kindness.

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