The Alien: Isolation team is hiring for a new tactical first-person shooter


For consoles, but probably PC too?

Creative Assembly is best known for making real-time strategy games, chiefly the Total Warseries. However, it strayed far from what it knew in 2014 when it released the surprisingly-excellent Alien: Isolation. That same team seems to be creating something new that, yet again, has nothing to do with the studio’s RTS expertise.

The Creative Assembly careers page has been updated with listings for work on a project that’s described as “a brand-new and exciting first-person tactical shooter IP.” Some of the available positions are senior UI artist, lead environment artist, and animator.

The developer also states the obvious in calling this new property “unannounced,” and classifies the jobs as part of the “console team.” Whatever this is, early indication is that it’ll launch on consoles (but probably PC also unless a platform-holder wraps it up as a console exclusive).

The time from job listing to proper reveal is almost never quick. But Creative Assembly has already proven it can make a really great first-person game — licensed from a property that has a less-than-stellar record in video games, to boot. It’s a small sample size, but this still seems like something that could be worth looking forward to, even if we know next to nothing about it right now.

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