The Art of Fallout 4 is so bright you gotta wear shades


Mighty fine looking apocalypse

Bethesda is offering a sneak peek at The Art of Fallout 4, a massive 386-page art book now available for pre-sale at the Bethesda store for a cool $50 and an estimated shipping date of December 22. Not exactly cheap, but after taking a look at the preview images, I think I’m sold.

The preview images include some tantalizing hints at what might be in the game. For example, the heavily detailed robot innards have me wondering if there might be some degree of robot-customization available to gearhead survivors, or at least some rad battle damage when you blow up a Mr. Handy. I’m particularly partial to the super mutant’s makeshift junk-helmets. Makes them look weirdly cute for seven-foot tall killing machines.