The Ascent rises on PlayStation platforms March 24


The ‘other’ cyberpunk action-RPG

Publisher Curve Games has announced that its dystopian cyberpunk adventure The Ascent will be making its grand debut on PlayStation platforms next month, following on from its release on Xbox and PC in the summer of 2021. Pre-orders are live for the PS4 and PS5 editions, which will launch March 24.

If The Ascent has passed you by, then here’s the download: It’s an action-RPG set within a corporate and capitalist paradise run amok. After a huge megacomplex of residential, retail, and economical zones fall into complete disarray, the lines of power, wealth, and class blur as the have-nots and the haves engage in all-out warfare. As a worker enslaved by the megacomplex’s owner “The Ascent Group”, it is up to you and your people to seize the opportunity to fight for your freedom — amplified in the echo of a gun blast.

The Ascent is an isometric shooter that blends typical RPG elements such as questing, class-building, and open-world exploration. Neon Giant’s anarchic adventure also boasts a huge cast of characters, inventive aiming mechanics, and one-to-four player co-op modes. While it flew somewhat under the radar on release, The Ascent was positively received by critics, who praised its world, visuals, and devotion to destruction, though it was suggested that its bombastic content waned over time.

The Ascent launches March 24 on PlayStation. It is available right now on PC and Xbox platforms.