The best thing about Pokemon's big Halloween celebration is this cute Pikachu


Events for Go, Sun and Moon and more

Oh hey, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company are having a Pokemon celebration this month, and it involves pretty much all their properties. The big draw is probably their Pokemon Go Halloween event, which will have info coming “soon,” but there’s also a few other sideshows on the way.

As a reminder Marshadow is coming to Sunand Moonby way of a GameStop distriubtion in the US, but they’re also providing real life pumpkin stencils, and have compiled a few “spooky” episodes of the TV show.

It’s such a little thing, but as a kid I would have loved to have logged on and been able to partake in all of these arts and crafts projects. Back then all I had was a Game Boy, a worm light so I could play under the covers, and a ton of parents (sans my mom) telling me Pokemonwas a fad.

Pokemon’s Spooky Halloween Roundup [Pokemon]