The beta for the next World of Warcraft expansion starts today


Play the hatred of 10,000 years

Blizzard’s alpha for the upcoming World of Warcraft: Legionexpansion winded down recently, but the beta has just begun. As of today Blizzard is rolling out the new build, which will unlock at roughly 2PM PT today. It’ll feature the Demon Hunter class, “every new zone,” and the Broken Isles intro as well as a 110 level cap. It’s…pretty damn hefty (there’s 10 dungeons and two raids too), and if you don’t mind your character getting wiped, there’s going to be tons of stuff to do.

Like most Blizzard pre-release builds there’s no NDA, so expect a lot of information to arrive before the expansion’s proper launch on August 30.

Legion Beta Patch Notes []