The Big Bang Theory set to end after 12th season


*Insert super specific movie reference to juxtapose my nerd cred with this story about The Big Bang Theory coming to an end*

The longer a show goes on the more I’m inclined to hate it for a very dumb reason. No, it’s not because the original writers all left or the premise has completely changed á la Urkel killing the Winslow family. No, I hate how you can see the actors getting older. Nothing makes me hate a show more than the reminder that time is marching forward and everything you enjoy will inevitably come to an end, just like your sad pathetic…..

So yeah, The Big Bang Theory will be over after the 12th season. Starting next month and finishing up in 2019, the 12th season will bring the series episode count up to 279 and finish as one of the 2010s most successful comedy shows. Just take a moment to think how ubiquitous this show has become. It started in 2007, four years beforeGame of Thrones, six full years beforeRick and Morty, and hasstillconsistently pulled in theratings. Creator Chuck Lorre wants to “bringThe Big Bang Theoryto an epic creative close[,]” which is definitely how Chuck Lorre talks all of the time and embodies the nicheThe Big Bang Theoryhas filled these past 11 years.

Usually these type of stories can be used as excuses to crap on an uber popular, middling quality show. Don’t get me wrong, most jokes in the show follow the same formula and are telegraphed from the next county over, but I always admire any show that can keep a captive audience for so long. It’s gotsomethinggoing for it that’s for sure.But like always, things change and actors get tired of playing the same person for over a decade. A cursory glance on Wikipedia shows the “nerd show” kinda morphed into a regular sitcom: everyone is getting married, buying houses, and you can bet Sheldon and his thankfullynot anti-vaxxerwife will have a kid so CBS can make another inoffensive spinoff featuring abright, annoying kid. I’m sure everyone here made up their minds long ago about whether you hate or hate (but secretly love) this show, but season 12 ofThe Big Bang Theorypremieres on CBS September 24.

The Big Bang Theory to End Series in 2019[IGN]