The Blair Witch Switch trailer has a hidden code for an Animal Crossing costume


Spoiler below if you don’t want to hunt for it

That Blair Witchgame arrived on Switch a few months ago, but it contained a little secret that the studio is just now revealing: a hidden code for an Animal Crossinghoodie in the Blair Witchstyle.

That very video is located above, so you can hunt for it if you wish (or just grab the solution below). Here’s a tip: you can pause a YouTube video and press “,” or “.” (comma or period) to advance each frame. You can also opt for a slower playback setting by clicking the gear below the video. The code pops up very early on, so don’t hunt for the full minute and a half for it.

Ready? Here it is:

The code:MO-DH4G-J23P-MW4R

This is what you’ll get for your efforts! Pretty neat that it was there all along.