The branching paths of Torment: Tides of Numenera


A short look at Crisis encounters

It seems like so long ago that inXile brought Torment: Tides of Numenera to Kickstarter. But really, it’s only been a couple of years. Much has changed for video game crowdfunding. Much hasn’t.

Have I been keeping tabs on the project in the time since? Well, no. But today seems like a good day to check in, what with this new video about Crisis encounters.

When conflicts arise, you’ll have more options available than just fight or flight. As explained by designer Jeremy Kopman, Crises are meant to “bring the same sense of reactivity and choice and consequence that is the hallmark of Torment dialog into our turn-based gameplay.”

Here’s one example of how a battle can play out.

I like the permutation where the foe becomes outnumbered after his companions are taken out and he tries to stop the fight. Kopman demands compensation only to discover the guy isn’t carrying much. “I don’t think that’s enough to buy him his life, so let’s kill him anyway.”

Damn, that’s cold!

“As we move forward, we’ll be making each Crisis a hand-crafted scenario where we can offer high levels of reactivity, shifting states, and human-feeling AI behaviors in every encounter,” promises Kopman. “There won’t necessarily be one best solution in any Crisis, and your tools will range from brute strength, to unique Numenera and abilities, to social skills and conversation.”

Last we heard, Torment was still on for a Q4 2015 release.

[Thanks, Laughing Owl]