The buffs for Overwatch's Bastion sound exciting


Maybe we’ll see high level play again

As I was just saying the other day, Overwatch‘s Bastion is woefully underrepresented at the pro level. The robot just isn’t up to snuff given how easy it is to counter, and only really sees play on Watchpoint: Gibraltar. Blizzard is seeking to change that though, and they’ve just detailed what exactly is going to change about Bastion’s playstyle in a new forum post.

For one, they’re buffing its recon mode (read: the mobile playstyle) with a lower spread and an increased magazine size so people actually want to play it. This is coupled with a better self-repair skill, which could possibly be used while moving and not have an interrupt proviso tacked on — it’ll work just like D.VA’s defense matrix shield with a meter. That’ll help its survivability for sure.

On the Sentry side (read: the turret mode casual players hate so much), things are getting a little more specialized. Bastion is going to fall more into a tank/shield-buster niche than it did before, with an increased spread and removal of headshots, but with the caveat that it can take more damage while transformed.

All these sound nice on paper, but until the changes hit the PTR we have no real idea how this plays out. Either way I’m looking forward to seeing Bastion in ranked again if this rework takes.

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