The Call of Duty Endowment program announces that it's placed 54,000 veterans into careers


Since 2009

The Call of Duty Endowment program charity isn’t something you probably think of often in the now zombie-heavy shooter, but it’s actually been around for roughly 10 years now and heavily linked to the series.

Today the program has announced that it’s placed over 54,000 veterans into careers during that time frame (10,686 were from 2018 alone), with Activision-Blizzard paying for “all of the Endowment’s overhead costs,” and 100% of the donations going directly to grantees. The gist is that the programdoes the legwork involved with the cost to place an individual into a career to maximize its efficiency, on top of other assistance like advice and support for vets. Their goal is to reach the 100,000 mark before 2024, and they strongly suggest directing US or UK veterans to this landing page for help.

Amid all of the harrowing news in the games industry this year, the endowment’s achievement is definitely a milestone worth sharing.

Our Mission [Call of Duty Endowment]