The composer of Jet Set Radio has new music for Hover


It sounds right at home

Two years ago, the future-set parkour game Hover: Revolt of Gamers rolled onto Steam Early Access, and to this day, it’s still a work-in-progress on the platform. One of the things that put the project on my radar back when it was seeking Kickstarter funding was its music — namely, Jet Set Radio composer Hideki Naganuma’s involvement. It made perfect sense that he’d want to contribute.

Flash forward to now, and Hover has incorporated Naganuma’s upbeat music in a recent patch. If you own the game, you can hear his tunes at the Fusty Pub or Gamer’s HQ. Otherwise, you’re a click away:

My new playlist “HOVER : REVOLT OF GAMERS” on SoundCloud→

— HIDEKI NAGANUMA|長沼英樹 (@Hideki_Naganuma) April 15, 2017

There are two tracks over on his SoundCloud page, “NEVER 4EVER” and “HEAVEN★UP,” and listening to them is a real jolt. It feels like he’s beaming good vibes through my ears and down into my soul.

As for the rest of the update, there’s a lot more going on than just music, from tweaks to how tricks impact your score and energy to new mission types to various polish tweaks. Find the full notes here.

Hideki Naganuma [Twitter]