The Conduit developer seeking tax incentives in Illinois


High Voltage Software appears from the woodwork

High Voltage Software is seeking tax credits from the Illinois state legislature, according to a report surrounding a number of companies looking for incentives currently stalled by a veto from governor Pat Quinn over a lack of pension reform.

The Conduit developer is located in the state’s 44th district, whose representative Fred Crespo is fighting on the company’s behalf so the studio can better compete with competitors, most of which are apparently located in Canada.

High Voltage has fallen out of the spotlight in recent years. Following the release of Conduit 2 in 2009, the developer has mostly pursued contracts, tabling development on highly-anticipated shooter The Grinder to work on licensed titles and high-definition remasters for Sega, Microsoft Studios, and Konami, amongst others.

Most recently, High Voltage assisted Deep Silver and Volition in producing Saints Row IV.

Veto session may not be enough for tough issues; later session days considered [Herald-Whig via GamePolitics]