The creator of QWOP has a painful new game


Getting Over It

Bennett Foddy, the guy behind the fumbling, funny, hard-to-control running game QWOP, is coming out with something new soon. Something that’s also frustrating yet hard to permanently put down.

His next project is Getting Over It. It’s an homage to Sexy Hiking, an old physics-centric platform game created by Jazzuo, and, well, you’re better off seeing this delightfully odd thing for yourself:

You’re a nude dude in a cauldron scaling rocks, trees, and other assorted (and increasingly devious) obstacles using a sledgehammer while a narrator chimes in from time to time. Any questions?

I’ve played a bit of a preview build and the experience reminds me of trying to master something like Trials HD. You have to get a feel for the game’s physics and momentum, and with enough practice, your maneuvers start to become second nature. Then it’s just a matter of executing. Again and again.

I will never beat Getting Over It. No way. Not a chance. But, I’m fine with that.

Foddy is debuting Getting Over It as a “Humble Original” in the October 2017 Humble Monthly Bundle, which is available for the next seven days and costs $12 (the other confirmed game is Rise of the Tomb Raider). Following that, you’ll be able to buy the title on its own this December through Steam.