The creators of Candy Crush's next project: Legend of Solgard, a Ragnarok themed RPG


Out on Android and iOS

King started off as a lowly browser game provider before it catapulted into stardom as a result of Candy Crush, roughly nine years after it started out. It’s pretty much synonymous with the company now, especially after they were bought by Activision Blizzard for $5.9 billion, but they have a few other projects underneath their umbrella.

The latest one is Legend of Solgard (developed bySnowprint Studios), which has been floating around in preview form in various regions — but is now ready for a full release on Android and iOS, starting now. It features a campaign mode framed around Norse mythology and Ragnarok, and is peppered with RPG elements.

While it does have more of a narrative tint than a lot of other mobile games it’s still very much a matching joint — complete with energy mechanics and a world map that gets increasingly more difficult. I’ll have to dig into it to see if it’s worth keeping up with, but I dig the art.