The Crew's police-chase expansion Calling All Units is out today


I am the law

It feels as if the second expansion for The Crew has appeared out of nowhere, and I say that as someone who is very fond of the open-road, multiplayer-centric racing game. Calling All Units releases today on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One for $25, and you’ll need the base game in order to play it. Hope you managed to snag a free or otherwise heavily-discounted copy somewhere along the way!

The basic premise is a familiar but appealing one for the genre: street races and police chases. That style of “cops and robbers” gameplay will come about through new story missions as well as faction-specific roles for players to take on while roaming the open world. Street racers are meant to pick up and deliver crates to win “car fragments” (unlocks), while cops are tasked with running them down for an arrest. Both have specialized abilities at their disposal, like speed hacks, EMPs, and flashbangs.

The full feature breakdown can be seen over here, but here’s the high-level pitch:

  • Crates – New gameplay in Freedrive. As a Street racer, players can see and pick up crates in the world. Once a crate is collected, the player will be chased by the police. By delivering crates, players will be able to win car fragments, and these fragments will allow them to unlock new vehicles.

  • New prologue missions – They introduce the police gameplay, through the eyes of a new character, Clara Washington. Players will be able to learn the new gameplay mechanics from The Crew Calling All Units add-on.

  • Player level increased to 60 – All players will benefit from a new progression system allowing them to reach level 60. Through any activities in the game, players will earn new parts to improve their vehicles through the smart loot system.

  • Bounty – The crates gameplay will introduce players to the Bounty system. The Bounty value reflects the individual skill of a player as a Cop, or as a Street Racer. This Bounty value is also used to determine the reward at the end of a chase. If a player wins a chase against another one, he receives Bucks corresponding to the Bounty of the defeated player, and increases his own personal Bounty.

And these are the vehicles found in the expansion:

  • Nissan GT-R (FS / Perf / Police Perf)

  • Jeep Wrangler (Full Stock / Street / Dirt / Raid / Police Dirt)

  • Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupé (Police Street)

  • Lamborghini Aventador (Police Perf)

  • Ford F-150 (Police Raid)

  • Lamborghini Gallardo (Police Circuit)

  • Abarth 500 (Police Monster Truck)

  • BMW S1000R (Police Perf)

  • Koenigsegg Agera R (Police Perf)

  • Hummer H1 (Police Raid)

  • Pagani Huayra (Police Perf)

  • Ferrari F12 Berlinetta (Full Stock / Perf)

  • Kawasaki GPZ 900R Ninja 1984 (FS / Street / Perf / Circuit)

  • Kawasaki KX450F (Full Stock / Street / Dirt / Raid)

  • Indian Chief Dark Horse (Full Stock / Street / Perf)

  • Ducati Hypermotard (Full Stock / Street / Dirt)

  • KTM 1190 RC8 R (Full Stock / Perf) + RC8 R Track (Circuit)

  • Mercedes AMG GT (Full Stock + Perf) + GT3 (Circuit)

  • Maserati MC12 (Full Stock + Perf) + MC12 Corsa (Circuit)

What’s more, Calling All Units comes with the first expansion, Wild Run, which adds motorcycles, monster trucks, and dragsters. That inclusion might make it a little easier to justify if you only have the vanilla game currently. There’s also a $50 The Crew: Ultimate Edition available as of today.

From the sound of it, Calling All Units is going to be a bunch of good, stupid fun. I’m in.

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