The Crysis Twitter account has suddenly sprung to life with a cryptic tease


System reboot?

“Receiving Data.” Those two words are all it took to inject hope and possibility into a dead and forgotten-about video game series.

This morning, the CrysisTwitter account broke its silence that had stretched on for nearly four years. With this ominous tease of a tweet, it became clear that EA has some sort of plans for the Nanosuit-clad super soldiers:


— Crysis (@Crysis) April 13, 2020

There are three realistic routes this could go. This could be the start of marketing a new Crysisgame, which would almost assuredly be on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X at this point. Second, it could be a remastering of some or all of the original trilogy. Crysis 3launched in early 2013, before current-gen consoles hit the market. The whole franchise is a prime candidate for the remaster treatment. Or, it could be a full-on series reboot.

Your guess is as good as anyone else’s because “Receiving Data” is all the intel we have right now. Personally, I’m on-board for a remaster of the original if and only ifit takes an SLI-configured multi-RTX 2080 Ti setup to run well.