The Cuphead Show gets a zany new trailer and premiere date


Cuphead and Mugman’s adventures get underway on Netflix next month

It won’t be long until the animated adventures of Cuphead and Mugman premiere. Netflix confirmed The Cuphead Show will start streaming on Feb. 18, and also put out a new trailer for the series.

The Cuphead Show is an animated series following Cuphead and Mugman, the protagonists of indie scrolling shoot-em-up Cuphead. Today’s trailer gives us a good look at what the tone of the show will be, which really seems to be a classic Saturday morning cartoon feel.

Throughout the trailer, you can catch a whole bunch of the characters from the Cuphead game. Alongside characters like the two protagonists and Ms. Chalice, there’s King Dice and the Devil, and even the gruff shopkeeper. I’m personally happy that it looks like the fighting game frogs are back too, boxing gloves and all.

The Cuphead Show has been in production for a while, and it’s fun to see that the antics of these two characters is just around the corner. Video game adaptations have been going pretty well on Netflix’s platform, and Cuphead seems ripe for some good times.

On the video game side of Cuphead, its long-awaited DLC The Delicious Last Course is due to launch on June 30, 2022. It’s been a long time coming, but it also looks like a pretty significant new chunk of Cuphead content, with new encounters to face off against with Cuphead, Mugman, and Ms. Chalice.