The Cyanide & Happiness Adventure Game looks like a fitting adaptation


Unsurprisingly, it’s doing well on Kickstarter

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Cyanide & Happiness doesn’t always make me laugh, but when the web comic gets me, it gets me good. You might have heard that it’s lined up for a point-and-click adventure game adaptation. You heard right! The title is currently working toward stretch goals in its final days on Kickstarter.

Who’s making this? None other than Abobo’s Big Adventure developer I-Mockery.

The Cyanide & Happiness Adventure Game is coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux, and if fans can reach the next goal at $600,000, it’ll also head to PlayStation 4. There’s less than two days to go.

“The release of the first chapter is expected to be December 2018 with the rest of the chapters coming out later,” according to the creators, “but if it comes down to a choice of on-time delivery or making the game better, we’ll lean towards making the game better.”

That bit with the deceased grandma made me laugh, I’ll admit it.

The Cyanide & Happiness Adventure Game [Kickstarter]