The D-Team went on a wild ride in PUBG and I have no clue how we survived


Stupid strats aren’t stupid if they work!

What happens when the D-Team is down one Steven and decides to play more PUBG anyway? Good things, it turns out. Very good things. It’s just like they always say: the journey is more important than the chicken dinner, and if you see someone that appears to be AFK, take the dang shot.

This particular Battlegrounds journey begins my preferred way (with a whole lotta reckless early-game punch-outs) and ends with what I can only describe as a fateful motorbike ride. Or, as Ray lovingly puts it, “There’s nothing more liberating than two dudes sharing one souped-up hog.”

We’re still figuring out this whole spinoff channel thing, but we’re easing into a consistent weekly schedule. If you want to keep up with our continued adventures, please do consider tagging along. We’ve got another full D-Team episode dropping on Friday that you won’t want to miss, and also some silly “How the hell did that just happen?” bonus clips lined up for the weekend.