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The Daily Hotness: Check the crown on THAT dragon!

Check out everything Destructoid did today

Dragon’s Crown: a game where men are men and women are… errr… ummm… the men are men! Look at all that luscious man meat!Carve me off a hunk o’ dat BBQ!

In addition to the Dragon’s Crown review, we’ve got a hot Pikmin 3 review fresh from the baker’s. We also have cosplay underboob, more of Jim Sterling’s “Let’s Play” thing (sadly lacking underboob), a preview of Batman: Arkham Origins‘ multiplayer, and a fine mess that Nintendo has gotten itself into.

Destructoid Originals:Now Bloody Playing: Aliens: Stasis Interrupted Part 4A Kingdom Under Fire cosplay that will blow your mindLive show: Solstice Arena with Team Solstice

Community: Community blogs of 7/31 Forum thread of the day: Sega Master System

Reviews:Review: Pikmin 3Review: Dragon’s Crown

Previews:Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer mode revealed

Events:Blizzard hosting a press conference at gamescomTitanfall will be playable to the public at gamescomMineCon 2013 tickets go on sale todaySOE Live will be streamed, Everquest NEXT to be unveiled

News:PSA: Save a buck on Bioshock Infinite’s first DLCUK Pokemon trainers get a Pokeball with X & Y pre-orderTake-Two fiddles around with a Bully trademarkThe Wii U is doing really bad, 3DS is doing greatDeal time: Grand Theft Auto IV is $9.99 on Xbox LiveFacebook is now a mobile game publisher tooCrackdown, Dead Rising 2, and Case Zero free on Xbox LiveCurrent headsets will work on Xbox One with an adapterListings for XCOM: Enemy Within have popped upObsidian reveals its plan for potential KOTOR III

Offbeat:Who needs a girlfriend when you have the Oculus RiftThe tale of Final Fantasy VI in kickass fresco formESPN used to broadcast Magic: The Gathering tournamentsThe Amazon from Dragon’s Crown looks GROSS as a figureA Super Meat Boy movie? Here’s the hilarious, shady pitchSDCC-exclusive UDON books up for pre-order August 1A pirate Assassin parkoured his way through SDCC

Media:Get your box off with Real Boxing on VitaThis one guy is making a sci-fi RTS and it looks goodThis Dragon’s Crown launch trailer is pure gameplayNew Pokemon trailer shows off in-game AurottoGet acquainted with Splinter Cell’s Merc and SpyGuacamelee: Gold Edition comes to Steam on August 8There’s a little Hotline Miami in Payday 2Oculus Rift + stationary bike + Kinect = PaperboyHead to the African Mines with DuckTales RemasteredStar Wars: Battlefront expected in summer 2015Hadron’s Forge features asteroid mining, real elementsPS4 and Xbox One specs compared using equivalent PCs

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