The Daily Hotness: Witcher 3 is not ass, and other awards


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Now that E3 2013 is completely in the books, it’s that time when all the busy little bees of the internet decide what their favorite games of the show were. Respawn Entertainment’s big coming out party, Titanfall, stole the Destructoid Game of Show crown this year, but it hardly seems fair to just talk about the best of the best. What about that game that looks like it will get a solid 8/10? What about that other game that doesn’t look like compete ass? Don’t they deserve a little trophy and some time in the limelight? Of course they do, and VideoGamer thinks so too.

Today, the last tidbits of E3 previews find their way out, with looks at The Witness, Contrast, and FIFA 14. EA official confirms the dissolving of Danger Close studios, Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma speaks on Nintendo s need for change, and the minds behind Katamari Damancy and Journey team up for what will undoubtedly turn out to be the videogame equivalent of LSD.

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