The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan reveals its multiplayer modes


Share a Scare

If the horrors of Until Dawn left you jumping in the dark, then at least with the upcoming Dark Pictures saga Man of Medan, you’ll be able to share those scares with pals, as Supermassive Games has revealed multiplayer modes for their upcoming interactive thriller.

An all-new “Shared Story Mode” will allow two players to co-op through the narrative together, making decisions that will affect each other and other characters while exploring the rusted death ship and other locales. If you have more than a single friend, then “Movie Night” might be for you, where you and up to four pals pick a character each for pass-the-controller style gameplay. This way, if one person gets everyone killed, then you know who not to invite next time, right?

According to Supermassive, these multiplayer modes were designed and implemented after feedback showed the developer that Until Dawn was often played by a group of friends, with one player controlling the character and their party helping them make decisions and jumping alongside them. The new Movie Night and Shared Story modes will allow onlookers to take a more proactive role in the freaky action.

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan is the story of a group of hip young things who run afoul of some nasty bastards and supernatural beasties whilst touring the South Pacific. It looks to deliver the same shocks, scares and intense, sliding doors experiences of Until Dawn. You too can enjoy the creepy cruise on August 30, when the title sets sail on PS4, PC and Xbox One.