The Dark Souls board game has Ornstein & Smough figures


Kickstarter coming April 19

Yep, Steamforged games is indeed working on a Dark Souls board game, and thanks to a new blog update, we now know that the Kickstarter for it is dated for April 19.

Oh, and it totally hasOrnstein & Smough figures, and is described as a “brutally hard exploration miniatures game for 1-4 players.” Steamforged promises a “fast setup and long reveal” concept that claims that it won’t take forever to actually start it up. “Numerous boss and mini-boss encounters” are also in.

They also claim it will be the “hardest board game you’ve ever played,” which is uh, a bold claim considering that Arkham Horrorexists, and most people quit before the 10 hour session is done.

Dark Souls Board Game [Steamforged]