The Dark Souls board game is real, coming to Kickstarter this month


From Steamforged games

I’m just glad we’re getting something other than meme-filled clothing!

Steamforged Games, manufacturer of the tabletop seriesGuild Ball, is crafting an official Dark Soulsboard game in a partnership with Bandai Namco. It will evidently “embrace everything that makes Dark Soulsthe deep, compelling game experience that it is.” The Kickstarter is coming this month, and we’ll keep you updated when it hits.

Sadly, it probably won’t have any elements of Demon’s Soulsand Bloodborneas those were published by Atlus and Sony respectively. I really wish every game was under the same umbrella, with multiplatform releases for each — having to dig up my PS3 to play Demon’sis a pain, and I’d kill for a 60fps Bloodborneon PC.

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