The dead Scott Pilgrim vs. the World game could come back, as Ubisoft has contacted the creator of the series


It was buried digitally in 2014

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game is kind of legendary.

Not only was it one of the best beat ’em ups of the past decade (I mean, it even kicked offthe last decade as it was released in 2010, so that’s saying something), but it was also legendary for being de-listed and lost to the ether of the PSN and Xbox Live Arcade forever.

You see,Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game was never released physically. So once it was pulled in 2014, it was gone. For years, Scott Pilgrimcreator Bryan Lee O’Malley (who was heavily involved with the design of the game alongside of Ubisoft Montreal) has been trying to bring it back, and it seems like he may have finally had a stroke of good luck.

His latest plea, which was back in May, has seemingly been heard: as Ubisoft has “reached out” to O’Malley, based on his own account this week. There are a lot of rights issues to be worked out, but if Ubisoft is up for it and O’Malley and company (Universal Pictures has been implicated as a gatekeeper for this deal in the past) can come to terms, we could see a re-release at some point in the future. Give us a physical version this time, Limited Run!

It’s wild to think that I was covering this game over seven years ago. Time flies!

Bryan Lee O’Malley [Twitter] [Thanks John!]