The delightfully odd Pizza Tycoon is now on


Gotta love these old sims

I’ve never heard of Pizza Tycoon (also known as Pizza Connection) before today, and now I’m looking back on my life wondering where it all went wrong. This isa mid-’90s management sim in which you can work with organized crime to further your pizza business because of course we want to do that.

Pizza Tycoon and its follow-up Pizza Tycoon 2 (also known as Pizza Connection 2, also also known as Fast Food Tycoon 2) are now on, which is how I’m only now hearing about them.

The screenshots are just wild:

What am I even looking at here? I don’t know, but I need to find out.

“In some countries, the original game CD-ROM actually smelled like oregano,” says The hits keep on coming. I feel like I missed out on a game that could’ve been a childhood favorite.

Release: Pizza Tycoon & Pizza Tycoon 2 []