The devil and the deep blue sea: Depth gameplay


I think the sharks may have the advantage

Digital Confectioners’ gruesome shark-’em-up Depth has been high up on my list of most-anticipated multiplayer games for a while now. I mean, who doesn’t want to assume the role of a great white shark and reduce their friends to a swirling red mist of chum?

Now that the game’s nearing its November 3 release on Steam, beta footage is starting to surface that gives a decent idea of what we can realistically expect out of the title. Spoiler Warning: Hilarity.

Here’s a clip of the shark vs. diver sim from YouTuber Jackfrags recorded during the press beta. Just listening tohim and hisfriends cackle as they attempt to rack up kills and/or survive the onslaughtmakes me want to play all the more.

10/10 would shark again.