The Division 2 is so stupidly cheap right now


Just fork over three Washingtons

As The Division 2 approaches its first anniversary, Ubisoft is hard at work making sure agents never get a rest. The second year of content is nearly upon us, as Ubisoft is set to formally reveal the Warlords of New Yorkexpansion tomorrow — the add-on that takes us from DC to Coney Island.

In the meantime, it has never been cheaper to help stave off the collapse of society. Seriously, they’re practically giving away Division 2right now. GameStop is selling Division 2new for $5 on PS4 and Xbox One. Having it shipped will more than double the cost of the game; that’s how cheap it is.

Prices manage to fall even further for anyone who wants to buy it digitally on Xbox. For the next two weeks, Microsoft is selling Division 2for $3. Neither PlayStation nor the Epic Games Store has countered with a massive sale of their own, so PS4 players are stuck going through GameStop and PC players are left out in the cold. (Don’t be surprised if those sales kick in soon though.) All in all, that’s pretty dang cheap to try one of 2019’s best shooter RPGs.

[Update:Sales have started on both PC and PS4. The Division 2is $3 digitally on both Uplay and the PlayStation Store. That means every platform now has access to Division 2for a measly $3.]

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 [GameStop, Microsoft Store, PlayStation Store, Uplay]