The Division 2's first raid drops on April 25, minigun specialization comes later


‘Operation Dark Hours’

So there’s a ton on the way for The Division 2, and it’s all pretty much free (the season pass adds a week of exclusivity before it reverts to the main game and has a few micro-exclusive missions).

As previously announced, the Tidal Basin Stronghold (dungeon), which was previously locked on the map, arrives today alongside of new gear sets and exotic weapons, a PVP map, and a cosmetic event. On April 25 Operation Dark Hours, the first raid, arrives. It’ll support eight players and based on what Ubisoft has said in the past, they will support matchmaking.

Perhaps the biggest news (even surpassing the raid) is the addition of a new minigun specialization. For those of you who don’t play The Division 2, specializations are the closest the game comes to “classes.” You can opt for a grenade launcher-centric style, an explosive crossbow option, or a sniper specialization. All three com with their own custom skill trees and can be swapped whenever you want at the main hub. The minigun would be the fourth specialization in The Division 2and add a whole new tree to work toward.

So to sum up: in April The Division 2is getting a new dungeon, a raid, a fourth class, and a bunch of other smaller content drops. Not bad!