The Division is now the biggest new IP launch ever


There are 9.5 million registered users

Ubisoft has confirmed The Division has 9.5 million registered users, making it the most successful launch ever.

That’s not 9.5 million sales, mind you – registered users means people in the same household may be using the same copy of the game. But given the developer also stated the shooter was the most successful launch ever, knocking Bungie’s Destiny off the top spot, it’s not to be sniffed at — The Division has been hugely successful.

Though overall sales have dropped (€1.46bn as opposed to last year’s €1.39bn), Ubisoft confirmed in its recent financial report Far Cry Primal, too, had “exceeded” expectations.

As for what’s next for Ubisoft? There are five AAA titles slated for release between now and the end of the financial year (March 2017) — Watch Dogs 2, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, For Honor, Ghost Recon Wildlands and a super secret new IP, yet to be announced.

Yesterday, Ubisoft revealed the first teaser trailer for its upcoming Assassin’s Creed film.

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