The Division's last DLC adds traditional competitive multiplayer


With a bit of a Division twist

It doesn’t take a background in sociology or psychology to understand that there’s something fascinating about The Division‘s Dark Zone. That’s the area in the game where people can play against the environment to find high-end gear. But, there are also real people running around, and they might try to kill each other to take that gear for themselves. Every encounter is a tense and uneasy affair, just waiting to see if the other person’s going to be a dick about things.

For its final add-on, The Division‘s going to sidestep all of that. Last Standintroduces a more traditional competitive multiplayer component: Teams of eight just trying to off each other over and over again. It’s a control-based mode, as players are tasked with holding terminals and uploading data. The environment is still a factor though because the control points are guarded by non-playable enemies.

This technically takes place in the Dark Zone but those rules don’t necessarily apply. For instance, shooting another player won’t turn you rogue. Also, nothing is lost (like experience, loot, keys, etc.) from dying. It’s just in the Dark Zone because that’s where players are a threat to one another.

Those who are interested in the nuance of Last Standwould do well to check out Ubisoft’s detailed reveal. It deals in the granular, like how to earn tactical boosts. It should also be noted that players must be level 30 to play Last Stand; it’s probably a safe bet that most people who still play The Divisionhave reached that threshold.

Ubisoft neglected to mention a price for Last Stand, but the other two expansions were both priced at $15. Also, there isn’t a release date yet, but Microsoft’s timed-exclusivity has seemingly expired as it’ll launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One simultaneously.

Intelligence Annex #13: Taking a Stand [The Division]