The dream of Fable is alive in Portland: Fable Fortune hits PC and Xbox One through Early Access


Xbox and Steam

Somehow, someway, Fable is still alive. You too can be chasing chickens all evening long in Fable Fortune, which just hit the PC and Xbox One platforms via Early Access. Yes it’s a card game, one that sports six heroes with their own abilities and decks, but unlike Hearthstoneit’ll have a co-op mode in addition to PVP.

My guess? If enough people play it and dump money into it, we’ll see this game-as-a-service continue for many more months, potentially years, and who knows — it might lead into another proper Fablegame without Molyneux’s involvement. Or it could crash and burn and we’ll never see the Fable series again.

The year is 2050. Some of us are dead. Every video game is a card game.

(end transmission)