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Watching Destructoid’s site reformat has been an interesting process. It is coming along nicely but just when I think thingsare done something changes and looks even better or briefly breaks entirely – then it’s working again in a couple of hours.

We also lost a couple of blogging days to the void, links to the forum vanished and reappeared, others links led to dead ends and uploaded images got weird for a bit.

Konami seems to be a bit weird right now, except it feels like they’re literally abandoning all the games that made people love them. From removing Hideo Kojima’s name from his games, cancelling Silent Hills, delisting and removing P.T. from PSN – Konami has done all kinds of weird, disjointed and destructive things of late.

Konami is doing well in various markets they serve in Japan, but their relationship with their original gaming market and the studios that serve it have fallen into neglect to abandon, neglect or alienate the rest of their IPs and game development studios. One by one, it seems IPs beloved by Nintendo and Sony fans alike – such as Gradius, TwinBee, Contra, Castlvania, Silent Hill, Zone of the Enders as well as an entire catalogue of Hudson games Konami hold the rights to – have been gradually or hastily abandoned.

Now with the delisting and removal of P.T and the cancellation of Silent Hills, it seems Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be a final goodbye for many Konami fans in the west.

It’s disheartening. I revist many of Konami’s classics, sometimes on an annual basis.Symphony of the Night, Aria of Sorrow and Order of Ecclesia are my favorite Castlevania titles.MGS3: Snake Eater and Peace Walker are always worth a revisit.TwinBee has been a fixture on my 3DS close to the start of that system, as well as classic CVsavailable on PSN or Virtual Console.

The people running Konami don\’t seem to care much for that stuff anymore.

Still, it’s not like I need the company to carry these IPs on if others will take up the mantle and continue their legacy. Koji Igarashi has his new take on Castlevania coming, Mike Bithell is doing his own take on MGS:VR MissionswithVolume andResogun feels like the child of Gradius and Defender. Guacamelee, Axiom Verge and more have filled the “metroidvania” niche.

Indies have picked up many of the genres neglected by AAA. Sure, this upcoming “Igavania” might not have “Vampire Killer” or “Bloody Tears” playing in the background – but I\’d rather developers continue making what they and fans love than have every nostalgia itch scratched.

What a wonderful night to have a KS.

Let’s recap April!

Pixie The Fairy

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