The Elder Scrolls Online tops the UK retail charts


Buff orcs and raptors best the Witcher

Well, this is a surprise. The Elder Scrolls Online is currently at the top of UK retail charts, managing to sell over 100,000 copies in its first week. I really like TESO, but it is a game that released over a year ago to middling reviews on PC. And then it was then plagued by launch issues on its recent console release too, so seeing it do this well is an absolute shock to me.

Not only that, but it has become the second-best seller of the year in the UK, outselling Battlefield: Hardline but still not The Witcher 3. That’s currently sat in third place, with TESO and LEGO Jurassic Park both having come along and knocked it down a few pegs.

Maybe ‘The Elder Scrolls’ has a bit more brand power after the colossal success of Skyrim than I thought it did?

Elder Scrolls Online takes UK #1 []