The End is Nigh's physical Switch port will come with a squishy toy


First run prints only

If you’re into physical editions of indie games and the Nintendo Switch, then you’ll love the upcoming retail Switch copy of Edmund McMillen’s The End is Nigh. Not only will it include some sweet ass box art and the excellent platformer, but a neato squishy toy for you to hug and love! This will be included with all first run prints of the game, publisher Nicalis announced over Twitter today. If that wasn’t enough, there is even an instruction manual!

First-run copies of The End Is Nigh include a squishy mini-Ash and full-color instruction manual! Don’t let Ash die alone! #NintendoSwitch

— Nicalis, Inc. (@nicalis) October 5, 2017

I somehow haven’t gotten around to playing this yet, but I could be tempted with a squishy little toy into getting this new port. I typically opt for PC with basically everything, but I’m always looking for another reason to get back on my Switch (until Mario Odyssey launches and it is the only thing I do for a few days).

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