The Falconeer: Warrior Edition takes flight on PlayStation and Switch this summer


Bird’s-eye pew-pew

Tomas Sala’s beautiful aerial exploration/shmup title The Falconeer will be winging its way onto Nintendo Switch and PlayStation platforms this summer, following on from its 2020 release on PC, Xbox, and the Game Pass service.

The Falconeer will launch on the new platforms August 5 in the form of a new “Warrior Edition,” which will feature the original game, (complete with all previous add-ons), and the brand new DLC expansion, Edge of the World. The PS5 edition will also feature support for both Adaptive Triggers and Haptic Feedback. Never fear, PC and Xbox fans, as the expansion will launch on your platforms of choice on the same day, bringing new maps, additional quests, and story content.

Arriving to mixed reviews, The Falconeer is nonetheless a dazzling and unique release. It has a charming and intriguing fantasy universe, attractive visuals and, — with a little patience and practice — an engaging combat system. While it has as many naysayers as it has champions, The Falconeer is worth checking out for anyone who fancies a few hours gliding through its surreal and poignant skies.