The Fallout 76 public test server is back on starting today, and the next big update is due on April 27


Stay tuned

It’s back!

Bethesda just announced that the Fallout 76PTS (public test server) is ready for business again, which will allow players to try out all of the upcoming major additions to the game. Those additions, mind, have a date: April 27.

So what’s coming? As Bethesda has been hinting for a while now, you’ll be able to further customize your loadouts and your CAMPs, which is going to please a lot of hardcore and casual players alike. Fallout 76is heavily based around role-playing for a ton of folks, so more CAMP options are great. When the update hits, it’ll be called “Locked and Loaded.”

If you want to get a quick look at the big new features (again, SPECIAL loadouts, CAMP slots), you can watch the dev gameplay video below. Four Fallout 76developers walk us through how the new mechanics work in roughly 10 minutes. Daily Ops (dailies) are being expanded too.

The gist? CAMP slots let you “place a new CAMP on top of the one you already have,” which also increases your fast travel points and building capabilities. SPECIAL loadouts are more self-explanatory, as you can now swap between specs like a lot of popular RPGs and experiment more quickly with new builds.

Win/win! Especially if the host of bugs get reported before the still-a-month-and-a-half-out update launch.

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