The Far Cry team is matching Nepal earthquake relief donations


Up to the first $100k

Late last week, immeasurable disaster struck in Nepal in the form of a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. As a result, the death toll is in the thousands, and thousands more are injured and/or stranded. That’s not to mention the devastating damage done to the country’s buildings and infrastructure.

It’s times like this that humanity needs to come together. If you want to donate to the disaster relief fund, the Far Cry developers can make your money go twice as far.

The Far Cryteam’s latest game drew heavy inspiration from the people and culture of Nepal, and as such, it feels the urge to give back in time of need. That’s why it’s matching donations to the Canadian Red Cross up to the first $100,000. At time of writing, slightly more than $6,000 has been chipped in, meaning that there’s plenty of room to effectively double the aid.

For anyone who’s considering making a donation, maybe do it through this fund or through another that matches contributions. We can’t erase what happened, but we can help ease the burden of recovery.

Donate to the Nepal Region Earthquake Fund [Canadian Red Cross]