The file size for NBA 2K18 on Switch is a technical foul


A triple double worth of problems

I feel like I’m playing a totally bent record on endless repeat. I can’t even go a week without another report of a Switch game somehow screwing the pooch when it comes to storage. As found by NeoGAF users, NBA 2K18 is the latest culprit of Switch storage woes. According to the official Nintendo of America website, 2K18 will require a 5 GB save file, per save, that can only be stored on the Switch’s internal memory.

This is in addition to the 16.1 GB software update that is required for both physical and digital purchases of the game. If you happen to opt for the digital copy, you’ll also need to install an initial 6.8 GB worth of data before the update. This has led many to believe that 2K Games decided to put the main game on the smallest Switch game card possible while requiring users to deal with storage concerns on their own.

To make this doubly worse, a microSD card is required regardless of whether you have anything downloaded to your Switch or not. You cannot buy either version of the game without additional storage, I suppose to make way for each save file occupying around 20% of the console’s built-in storage.

It would be easy to blame 2K entirely for this, but Nintendo also needs to share some of the shame. Why are users not allowed to back-up save data to an SD card? Why is there no option to upload save files to cloud storage? Why isn’t there a premium model of the Switch available with more storage? At least you can actually upgrade the damn thing with bigger SD cards, but even then, making five saves in NBA 2K18 will completely fill you console and prevent you from creating another (an issue that could be mitigated by allowing back-ups!). Will future NBA 2K titles do the same thing?

I understand why Nintendo opted for only 32 GB of storage (it is Flash storage, which is basically an SSD and isn’t cheap), but we aren’t even out of the first year of the console’s lifespan and the damn machine could be filled from casual gameplay. That is a huge concern that is going to turn off a lot of people come next year. Really, simple options could alleviate this, but I guess Nintendo just has to Nintendo.

Then again, 2K could have opted for a 32 GB card and solved this entire problem. That would fit the game, its update and a single save no problem. What the hell?!

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