The Final Fantasy VII port you don't want is coming in October


Contain your excitement

[Update: Square Enix reached out to “…confirm that the published release date for this title is incorrect. As discussed at this year’s E3, Final Fantasy VII will be ported to the PlayStation 4 in Winter 2015. The pricing has already been announced last December to be set at $15.99.”]

Despite the Internet almost unanimously hating its existence, the Final Fantasy VII ReturnsPC-to-PS4 port will be here in less than four month’s time. Square Enix has dated it for October 16 in both North America and Europe.

The publisher originally updated the game’s page with the fall release date, but now it seems to have been reverted to a “Winter 2015” window. Still, several sites such as GameSpothave reported on the October date. Also, hidden in the features tab is a price point of $15.99.

This news is a bit surprising in that Square Enix mentioned just last week in its E3 press conference that this port was still on-track for a spring 2016 release. Maybe the new plan is to roll it out as quick as possible so that people focus their attention on the Final Fantasy VIIremake, which everyone’s properly excited about.

Final Fantasy VII[Square Enix NA]