The final 'making of' video for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel looks at 'Weapons and Beyond'


Guns, guns, guns!

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel comes out next week, and 2K Games has now released the final episode of the four-part series behind the scenes at Gearbox and 2K Australia. EpisodesOne (To the Moon), Two (From Pandora to the Moon), and Three (The Good, the Bad, the Terrible, and the Claptrap)can be found at those links, for those who have some catching up to do. This one is subtitled “Weapons and Beyond.”

A lot of the discussion of the weapons here focuses on the decision to make manufacturers more distinct in Borderlands 2, but the interviewees do eventually get to the lasers that are emphasized in The Pre-Sequel. Joel Eschler, producer at 2K Australia suggests that lasers have never been in a Borderlands game before, though most fans who have dug deeply know that isn’t strictly correct, but it is true that the Pre-Sequel takes laser weapons much further than either of the previous titles did.

The “beyond” part of the subtitle sadly does not refer to anything regarding the eventualBorderlands 3, but instead looks at the DLC plans for the Pre-Sequel. It does not get much more specific than that, but does highlight Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep as one that the series has done well, and smartly stays far away from mentioning by name the poorSir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt. If we get four pieces of DLC on the level of Tiny Tina, then Borderlands fans should be pretty pleased.