The first batch of Oculus Rift PC bundles go up for pre-order next week


They start at a discounted $1,499

Now that full-blown VR Fever is upon us, many people find themselves in the regrettable position of having an under-performing PC. Running the Oculus Rift requires a decent rig, which isn’t something that everyone who wants VR necessarily has. Predictably, Oculus has some partners who will sell you a brand new Rift-compatible PC.

In a blog post, Oculus announced that pre-orders will open next week on February 16 at 8am Pacific for PCs that are guaranteed to work with the Rift. Asus, Alienware, and Dell are the first companies to trot these machines out. The most affordable PC is from Asus and runs $1,049; the most expensive is an Alienware that tops out at $2,549.

However, these prices can be slightly discounted if you’re willing to lump the $600 Oculus Rift in. The Rift bundles offer a $100 to $200 savings on the PC. The cheapest bundle is that above-mentioned Asus with the Rift for $1,499. Prices obviously go up from there.

Conveniently, those who already pre-ordered the Rift can get a retroactive discount if they want to pick up one of these Oculus-ready PCs too. That’s done by checking order statusand opting into an applicable partner offer.

These won’t be ready to ship by the Oculus’ initial release date, though. Only a few people will be a part of the initial March 28 shipment, and they’re the ones who pre-ordered the earliest. Instead, these PCs and the bundles will start shipping in April.

Pre-orders for Oculus Ready PCs and Rift Bundles Start February 16 [Oculus]